Microsoft Gives the Head’s-Up for Windows Phone Support

Microsoft has today released their plans for how long both Windows Phone 7.8 and 8 will be supported by themselves.

Windows Phone 7.8 support will be ending on 09/09/2014 and Windows Phone 8 will expire on 08/07/2014 (that’s July for you Americans out there!).

What is interesting is that 7.8 will be supported slightly longer than 8 and that Microsoft has been very up-front about laying out their plans for the devices.  The lifecycle for each operating system is 18 months in total.

By early 2014, it’s likely that we’ll have Windows Phone 9, which is no doubt already in the works.

Source: Microsoft


  1. Interesting! I hadn’t even thought about the next OS yet. I wonder what kind of changes it may bring to development.

    Why do you think they are supporting 7.8 longer?