Vibram Seeya Barefoot shoes

Barefoot Running Step By Step Guide – Week 1, Baby Steps

As people look for new ways to get fit and healthy, injuries often take the blame for throwing people off the wagon.  In the world of running, it’s often a cycle of feeling unfit, going for a few runs, injuring yourself, recovering and feeling unfit again.  This obviously isn’t always the case, other factors can throw you off-course, but regardless, the fact remains that when we run, we often don’t run ‘naturally’ due to the fancy-pants cushioned trainers we now all possess.  Barefoot running has become increasingly popular in recent years, bringing with it an ethos of natural running, increased connection to the terrain and reduced injuries. Continue reading “Barefoot Running Step By Step Guide – Week 1, Baby Steps” »

Xbox Logo

Next-Gen Xbox Reveal Date Confirmed

Not a big surprise, as this date has been pencilled in for a while now, but it’s always nice to have rumours confirmed.

Microsoft will be revealing their next generation Xbox console (currently going by the alias Durango) on 21st May 2013 at 17:00 GMT over at the Xbox Campus in Redmond.  The event will be live streamed on, Xbox Live and at Spike TV.

Not much more to say about it at this stage, but be assured, I will be giving you the low-down once the announcement is over!

Announcement time: 13:00 ET/10:00 PT/17:00 GMT

Source: Major Nelson

Hybrid Memory Cube concept

Hybrid Memory Cube – Goodbye DDR, Hello Future

Hybrid Memory Cube.. Heard of it? Probably not, but in the not too distant future it will potentially bring a host of hidden advantages to modern computing.

So what is it? Read on to find out! Continue reading “Hybrid Memory Cube – Goodbye DDR, Hello Future” »