Seeya Broken Strap

Barefoot Running Step By Step Guide – Smelly Feet and a broken strap!

I’m in the middle of writing a follow up post to my original Barefoot Running Guide post, to let you know how I’ve been getting on, but I thought I’d just add a quick post about my Vibram Seeyas now the weather has warmed up..

In short, they stink!  I’ve been using them a lot for general walking about town as well as for all my running now and it got to the point where when I got in the car I had to get back out and check that I hadn’t stepped in something!  Once I’d found the cause, I followed the advice that I had been given previously by sticking them in a cool 30°C wash.  I had a couple of issues when doing that though, so I thought I would share them so that you don’t make the same mistakes!

The advice from Primal Lifestyle was that you could wash your vibrams in a 40°C colour wash.  I decided to do it at 30°C to be safe but made a couple of other mistakes, which resulted in my having a broken strap!

Seeya Broken Strap
Vibram Seeyas after a wash…
Close-up of Seeya Broken Strap
Close-up of Seeya Broken Strap

As you can see, the strap separated. It didn’t snap or tear, which was very fortunate. I think the reasons for it happening are that I forgot to close/fasten the straps before putting them in the wash and that I put some other items of clothing in there with them.  With the warmth of the water, the glue must have softened and so all it would have taken was for the Velcro to attach to an item of clothing and it could very easily have been yanked apart.  This is what I think happened.  Fortunately, I have some good super glue and home, so once the shoes had dried out, I put plenty on the strap where it had separated and using a clothes peg, fastened it and left it overnight to dry.  The next evening, I took them out for a run and they’ve been fine since.  I did also notice that there is a small part around the heal where the glue has caused it to separate slightly from the base, so I will fix that soon in a similar manner, but for the time being it’s fine.  Some of these issues I think could have also been avoided if they had used some stitching in combination with the glue to hold it all together better.

So in short, my advice when washing your Vibrams is:

  • Ensure the straps are fastened
  • Wash them separate from any other clothing (or put them in a wash bag)
  • Use as low a temperature as possible!

The one good thing is that they now smell less than they did before, although they still have a slight wiff, which will no doubt get worse again over time.. I’ve been thinking on getting some odour-eater spray to see if that helps.  If any of you have and advice, I’d love to hear it!!

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