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Attigo – Never forget to send a message again!

Over the last few months, in what little spare time I’ve had, I have been working away on a new app, which I’ve called Attigo (which is a Latin term for ‘I have arrived’).

Attigo addresses the issue that many of us have faced in life where we’ve been told to send someone a message when you get home, only for you to forget once you walk in the door..  With Attigo, you can create an alert, tag it to a location, pre-write your message, choose your recipients and you’re done.  Once you arrive, you will receive notification reminders to send the message.  By tapping the reminder or relaunching the app, the message is automatically produced, ready for you to hit send and get on with opening your post!

Pending Alerts

Currently, the app allows for SMS and Emailing.  Future features will include Facebook integration, automated SMS/Email (so no need to hit send yourself) and more!

Attigo has been released for Windows Phone ahead of other platforms.

You can download Attigo here

Seeya Broken Strap

Barefoot Running Step By Step Guide – Smelly Feet and a broken strap!

I’m in the middle of writing a follow up post to my original Barefoot Running Guide post, to let you know how I’ve been getting on, but I thought I’d just add a quick post about my Vibram Seeyas now the weather has warmed up.. Continue reading “Barefoot Running Step By Step Guide – Smelly Feet and a broken strap!” »

IBM's Watson to help diagnose cancer

Elementary, my dear Watson! – IBM’s Watson to become Dr. Watson

IBM’s Watson supercomputer has had a few moments in the spotlight over recent years, most notably perhaps when it beat the human competition in the US game show Jeopardy, but it’s much more than a quiz champion.  It is now going to be used to help diagnose symptoms that could be linked to Cancer.  Watson is designed to replicate cognitive functions, focussing mainly on interpreting language and providing well-founded responses; but what makes Watson different is that it’s knowledge isn’t native to itself, it has to learn it through scouring multiple resources; similar to how many of you would if you were seeking an answer yourself.
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On first look, the S4 looks a lot like the S3

Samsung Galaxy S4 Reveal- Scrape the cheese off and see what’s underneath!

Yesterday evening, at Radio City, New York, Samsung unveiled their new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4.  The Galaxy S brand has evolved a lot over the last few years and is now Apple’s biggest contender in the Smart Phone market.  There’s certainly no love lost between the two companies and Samsung is keen to bounce off the ropes after the non-stop legal battering that Apple has given them over recent years.  In order to do that, they’re moving their brand forward and attempting to make a device that is distinctly different to the iPhone (not that the original models were really that similar to Apple’s, but Apple doesn’t like to share!). Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S4 Reveal- Scrape the cheese off and see what’s underneath!” »

What's so funny? Is she live-casting a car crash?

Google Glass – Should we be scared?

Google have been developing a new device over the last few years to bring our online and offline social lifestyles closer together.  Glass, as it’s currently known, is effectively a glasses frame, with a very small computer and camera attached.  Google have been showing off the device for a while now, with very public beta testing and now a broader closed group public test, which you were able to apply for until recently.  Google will be providing the device with or without lenses, although initially they will only be selling the version without lenses.  If you wear prescription lenses, you’ll have to wait!

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