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Attigo is a runner up in the Microsoft //Publish Competition!

Great news!

When I submitted Attigo to the Windows Phone Store just before 1st July, I entered it into the //Publish competition run by Microsoft.  Since then, Attigo has been featured twice on the Windows Phone Store in India and has been steadily building up a user-base.

Last Friday, I received an email from Microsoft stating that I had come in as a runner up in the competition!  Narrowly missing out on $10,000 to pimp out my development environment, I will be receiving a new Nokia 1520 phone (or phablet, given the size of the device)!  Timing couldn’t be better, as my trusty Nokia 920 has been giving me some minor issues recently with the microphone not switching on for calls, so soon I’ll be able to show off the new phone!

Attigo has come in as a runner up within the ‘Best Windows Phone 8.1 App’ category.

I’m super excited and truly honoured to have received such positive feedback and recognition for my app, especially given that it is still in its infancy.

You can download Attigo by clicking here.

To see the winners and the other runners up, check out the results page here.

Attigo – Never forget to send a message again!

Over the last few months, in what little spare time I’ve had, I have been working away on a new app, which I’ve called Attigo (which is a Latin term for ‘I have arrived’).

Attigo addresses the issue that many of us have faced in life where we’ve been told to send someone a message when you get home, only for you to forget once you walk in the door..  With Attigo, you can create an alert, tag it to a location, pre-write your message, choose your recipients and you’re done.  Once you arrive, you will receive notification reminders to send the message.  By tapping the reminder or relaunching the app, the message is automatically produced, ready for you to hit send and get on with opening your post!

Pending Alerts

Currently, the app allows for SMS and Emailing.  Future features will include Facebook integration, automated SMS/Email (so no need to hit send yourself) and more!

Attigo has been released for Windows Phone ahead of other platforms.

You can download Attigo here