Unboxing the Oculus Dev Kit

Oculus Rift Dev Kits – Now Shipping!

It’s probably quite apparent, by some of my previous posts, that I’m very excited about the Oculus Rift.  Now I have even more reason to be, as the developer kits started shipping earlier this week and soon over 10,000 people will have their hands on the devices!

I’m fortunate enough to know someone who is amongst the 10,000 and so once he’s got his, I will hopefully trying it out soon after!  In addition to this, the Oculus Dev Center is now up and running, which will provide a hub for developers to discuss their problems and share ideas, as well as get their hands on the latest SDK and demos.

Exciting times ahead, the next few months could provide some very interesting product demos using the Oculus.

If you’re going to be getting one of the dev-kits, let me know what you plan on doing with it by leaving a comment.

Source: Oculus Rift (Official Blog)

Doing a deal can save big bucks!

A Buyer’s Guide to Haggling for Tech (and anything else you want to buy!)

If you’re anything like me, you love to get your hands on a new piece of tech.   The excitement of picking up that anticipated parcel, or having it handed over the counter at the shop brings me back to that Christmas Day feeling every time.  But being an adult now means there are more things to pay for other than sweets and fizzy drinks, so I’ve had to learn to get the best deal on things to allow me to fund my lifestyle. I’ve got it down to a pretty simple process now, and I want to share it with you all, as people get ripped off far too much and everyone loves a good bargain! Continue reading “A Buyer’s Guide to Haggling for Tech (and anything else you want to buy!)” »

Come on future, hurry up and give us VR!

Oculus Rift – Next-Gen support is a possibility

Fellow Tech blog, Engadget, has been fortunate enough to spend some time recently with the makers of the Oculus Rift, discussing the technology and also how they have got to where they are today.

Amongst the discussion, the subject of the future of Oculus reaped some interesting bits of information.  Nate Mitchel, one of the leads on the project, revealed that Oculus requires at least 60fps for an effective VR experience.  The current gen consoles would struggle to keep up with the demand of the device, however in relation to next-gen consoles (and the fact that they definitely will be able to handle 60fps) he did say “We’d definitely love to work with the console manufactures as we go down the road to get the Rift onto those platforms.”

The limitations are not in the hardware, but will be with the console manufacturers themselves, who will have to decide whether to allow Oculus to be a licensed product, or whether they just go ahead and make their own version.

Who knows, but it certainly adds fuel to the fire for what could be an interesting future for console gaming!

Source: Engadget

Microsoft Gives the Head’s-Up for Windows Phone Support

Microsoft has today released their plans for how long both Windows Phone 7.8 and 8 will be supported by themselves.

Windows Phone 7.8 support will be ending on 09/09/2014 and Windows Phone 8 will expire on 08/07/2014 (that’s July for you Americans out there!).

What is interesting is that 7.8 will be supported slightly longer than 8 and that Microsoft has been very up-front about laying out their plans for the devices.  The lifecycle for each operating system is 18 months in total.

By early 2014, it’s likely that we’ll have Windows Phone 9, which is no doubt already in the works.

Source: Microsoft

On first look, the S4 looks a lot like the S3

Samsung Galaxy S4 Reveal- Scrape the cheese off and see what’s underneath!

Yesterday evening, at Radio City, New York, Samsung unveiled their new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4.  The Galaxy S brand has evolved a lot over the last few years and is now Apple’s biggest contender in the Smart Phone market.  There’s certainly no love lost between the two companies and Samsung is keen to bounce off the ropes after the non-stop legal battering that Apple has given them over recent years.  In order to do that, they’re moving their brand forward and attempting to make a device that is distinctly different to the iPhone (not that the original models were really that similar to Apple’s, but Apple doesn’t like to share!). Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S4 Reveal- Scrape the cheese off and see what’s underneath!” »

What's so funny? Is she live-casting a car crash?

Google Glass – Should we be scared?

Google have been developing a new device over the last few years to bring our online and offline social lifestyles closer together.  Glass, as it’s currently known, is effectively a glasses frame, with a very small computer and camera attached.  Google have been showing off the device for a while now, with very public beta testing and now a broader closed group public test, which you were able to apply for until recently.  Google will be providing the device with or without lenses, although initially they will only be selling the version without lenses.  If you wear prescription lenses, you’ll have to wait!

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Next-Gen Gaming – What should we expect?

Round 3 is about to commence!
Round 3 is about to commence!

Ding Ding Ding!

Sony and Microsoft; arguably the two biggest names in home console gaming.  For years they have faced each other in the console arena, battling for the coveted top spot in the market.  Sony had the head-start, giving us the original PlayStation way back in 1994, followed by the PlayStation 2 in 2000 and the PlayStation 3 in 2006.  Microsoft joined the game a bit later than Sony, bringing the original Xbox to market in 2001 and the Xbox 360 in 2005.  As you’ll notice, Sony has brought out it’s releases of new consoles every 6 years; breaking that trend this time around however and stretching out the life of the PS3 to what will be a total of 7 years.  Microsoft’s first console was comparatively short-lived, though in that time, it gained a sizable following.  Back at that time, the battle was more of a Nintendo-Sony thing.  Xbox was relatively small-fry.  But then came the Xbox 360 and PS3, which brought the HD Revolution into our homes and things changed.  Over the last 7 years, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has seen steady growth and taken the crown from Sony.  Nintendo’s efforts are not to be disregarded completely I should point out.  They have put up strong resistance over more recent years, especially with the massive success of the innovative (at the time) Wii.  Also, along with Sega, they pretty much had the market to themselves back in the pre-PlayStation era.  Their most recent efforts, to me, are less than impressive.  Personally I just don’t ‘get’ the Wii U.. Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m not their target market; however judging by their sales figures, I think they’ve lost their way and could soon be forgotten in the wake of the Sony/Microsoft head-to-head that is today’s market. Continue reading “Next-Gen Gaming – What should we expect?” »

I'm dreaming of an Oculus Christmas!

Oculus Rift – The future of gaming?

You may have already heard of it, or perhaps you haven’t, but either way, it’s coming and you should be very excited..

Oculus Rift isn’t anything new.  Virtual Reality, in its current incarnation, has effectively been around since the 1980’s .  I remember being a young boy, going to the Trocadero in London, putting on a heavy and uncomfortable head mounted display and stepping into a blocky (low-res by today’s standards) world that figuratively blew my mind!
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