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6th person's attempt

Things going a bit cray cray!

Just a quick update regarding my recent post about my Grandad and how Reddit restored his photo for him..

Things have been a bit nuts!  After getting an amazing 70k+ YouTube views via Reddit and a tonne of lovely comments and feedback, I was left overwhelmed.  Since then, the story has broken globally and I’ve had some great coverage from the below websites:

  • RightThisMinute.com – Did a lovely segment of the video.
  • The Huffington Post – Featured the story on their website.
  • CNET – Featured article
  • Tokudane Toko Doga – Show on NHK (Japanese Broadcasting Company) – I have an interview with the show on Thursday morning and the show airs every Sunday, so I will update the link when it has aired.
  • Daily Dot – Another featured article!
  • Stern.de – German news site picked up the article, just as I thought things were slowing down!
  • BoingBoing.net – This popular and far-reaching blog picked it up last night.. The site has taken a hammering from the influx of traffic, but it’s coping ok!
  • NeatORama.com
  • Laughing Squid
  • Buzz Patrol
  • The Sun Newspaper – TBC (Did a photoshoot this evening!)
  • Reddit user /r/laurenonizzle has kindly animated the progression of the photos here
  • Possibly more to follow!

The video has had well over 111k views now and today the blog has been hit pretty hard, receiving over 1200 views already!

Thanks again for everyone’s wonderful support and feedback, it has been truly humbling.  I have been sharing everything with my Grandad, who has really enjoyed your comments and is very happy to have brought a smile to people’s days.

UPDATE – 15/05/13 – Few more blogs have posted articles! Have tried to link back to them above.  I’m trying to keep on top of all your comments on the other blogs and it’s lovely seeing your reactions!  Did a photo shoot for The Sun here in the UK this evening.  Dreading seeing the photos of me, but Grandad looked great as always!  Hopefully it will hit the paper soon, will update when it does.



Original Photo

Reddit and I give my 87yo Grandad a wonderful gift!

My last remaining grandparent, Derek, is the loveliest man you could ever meet.  He was in the submarines in the Royal Navy, back in World War 2, and now lives alone near to where I live.  He’s 87 years old, but you really wouldn’t know it from meeting him!

He has a large family, with a daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren in Australia.  He also has sons here in the UK  with grandchildren and great grandchildren. Continue reading “Reddit and I give my 87yo Grandad a wonderful gift!” »